Add Descriptions to Your Photos

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In this extension, you will add descriptions to your photos in Google Photos.

Descriptions appear at the bottom of your photos in viewing mode.

A description allows you to provide further explanation or context about your photos.

This can help you remember important details and tell people who view your photos a little more about them.

To begin, open Google Photos.

You can start with a picture from an album or your library.

You can update the description, as well as other details about your photos such as the name, date and location at any time.

First, add a description. Describe your photo in just a few words, so you can quickly see what it's about.

If the location and date are important to you, you can include those as well.

Birthdays, holidays or seasons could be the first things you want to know about some of your photos.

Go to the next picture to continue adding descriptions.

Descriptions can help you further organize your photos for personal use and can also be useful for work.

For example, if you want to organize a tool set, you could label each tool by name and where you will be storing them.

You could also use descriptions to remember the presenters from a conference.

When you're done, close the Info pane to view your photos with the descriptions.

Now, it’s your turn: Open Google Photos, And add descriptions to your photos.

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Add Descriptions to Your Photos

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