5. Create and Add Photos to an Album

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Creating your own albums can help you organize your photos in a more meaningful way.

In this video, you will learn how to use albums to group your photos.

An album is a collection of photos based on a central theme.

You can make as many albums as you’d like and designate them for different events, people, or purposes, such as holidays, birthdays or pictures from a hobby.

To begin, create a new album.

Add a clear and descriptive title.

If “Face Grouping” is turned on in your account, you can automatically add photos of specific people to your album as you take them.

Or, manually select the photos you want to add.

For this lesson, add five or more photos to your album.

You can also search for specific photos using some of the methods you practiced earlier.

You might also want to share your photos with others.

Sometimes, you may want to share memories with family and friends or images with colleagues for work or school-related projects.

You can share individual photos...

Or albums.

Include a message to the recipients.

Now, it’s your turn: Create a new album, Add photos to your album, And share your album.


  1. Create a new album.
  2. Add photos to your album.
  3. Share your album.