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In this video, you will upload your photos to Google Photos to start organizing them.

Storing your photos in Google Photos instead of a standard storage system allows you to organize your photos and more easily search for them by date, people or location, if that information is available. When you upload images, they are automatically organized into different groups so you can easily find them.

You can upload photos that are saved on your computer or in Google Drive.

If you want Google Photos to automatically group people or pets together, you can set this up.

When this feature is turned on, people with similar faces are grouped together, so you can quickly access all photos with specific people in them.

You can also upload images from your phone or tablet using the Google Photos app.

If you do not already have the app, pause the video and download it on your mobile device.

If you need to take photos, go ahead and do so now. For the purpose of this lesson, take at least five photos of three different objects, such as people, places, pets, or things.

If you’d like, you can automatically sync the photos on your device to Google Photos by updating your settings. When your photos are backed up this way, you don’t have to worry about losing them if anything happens to your device. This could also help you automatically organize new photos as your photo gallery grows.

Now, it’s your turn: Download the Google Photos app, Take at least five photos of three different objects, Add photos to Google Photos, And go to Google Photos in your browser.


  1. Download the Google Photos app.
  2. Take at least five photos of three different objects.
  3. Add photos to Google Photos.
  4. Go to Google Photos in your browser.