4. Slides: Copy, Paste, and Link Slides and Change to Destination Formatting

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As you create your presentation, you may need to copy and paste slides from your own presentation, or from another slide deck.

For example, if you are working with another organization, you may want to include information from one of their slide decks.

Your company may use a slide deck template, or pattern.

Or, you may want to reuse some information you have presented before.

To start, open the starter presentation.

Copy all of the slides from the starter presentation and paste them into your own presentation, above the slides that you added.

When you paste new slides into your presentation, link them to their original slide deck.

The link will show anyone who is collaborating on the presentation with you exactly where the slides came from.

When you link slides to their original presentation, they automatically sync.

If any of the original slides change, your new presentation will have the most up-to-date information.

Next, change the slides you pasted, so that they match the theme you selected.

Select the pasted slides.

Then, select the theme of the current presentation.

This will make your new slides blend in with the rest of your presentation, so that it looks organized and complete.

As you build your presentation, you may want to create an exact copy of one of your slides.

In a long presentation, for example, you might decide to copy the same slide and place it at key points in the presentation, to remind your audience about a topic.

Duplicate 1 of the slides that you added to make an exact copy of it.

And if you added too many slides, you can easily take 1 out.


  1. Copy and paste the starter project slide deck into your own presentation.
  2. Link the pasted slides to the original starter project.
  3. Adjust the theme of the copied slides.
  4. Duplicate one slide.
  5. Delete one slide.