3. Slides: Build a Presentation — Add, Copy, Paste, and Delete Slides, Apply Themes and Layouts, Add Page Numbers, Use Presenter Notes, and Link Slides

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In this video, you will create the basic elements of your presentation.

Presentations begin with a title slide.

Select the largest text box on the page, and give your presentation a title.

You might use the smaller text box to include extra useful information, like your name, the date of your presentation, or its purpose.

Select the smaller text box and type a subtitle.

Now add 3 new slides to your presentation.

Next, choose a theme for your presentation.

Designing all of the elements on each slide one by one can be tedious and time-consuming.

Themes make your presentation look polished automatically.

And, a theme will keep the appearance consistent across all of your slides.

Then, select a layout for each of your new slides.

Layouts include pre-arranged text boxes and formatting.

Slides makes suggestions for how to use each layout.

You can select different layouts to present different information, like a main point...

important data.

Select a Section Header Layout to break up your presentation and transition between your main ideas.

Once you’ve selected a theme for your presentation and a layout for each slide, add slide numbers so that your audience can tell where you are in the presentation.

Finally, add speaker notes to remind the presenter to say or do certain things during the presentation.

For the first slide in your presentation, the speaker notes should remind you how to introduce your topic to the group.

Imagine that you are giving this presentation to a group of investors or another organization.

Write down 3 things you would say to welcome the audience, introduce yourself, and introduce the topic of your presentation.

Speaker notes will appear in presenter view, but your audience will not be able to see them.

Use speaker notes to remind yourself how to talk about each slide during the presentation.

When you finish your presentation, press escape to return to the project.


  1. Add three slides.
  2. Choose a theme.
  3. Select a layout for each of your new slides.
  4. Add slide numbers.
  5. Include speaker notes.