8. Sheets: Insert Links, Images, Forms and Drawings

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At this point in the lesson, your spreadsheet contains charts and tables to help you visualize and summarize the data.

In this video, you will add more non-text elements to your spreadsheet, including links and images.

These elements will provide additional context for the data you’ve already included and help your collaborators interpret the contents of the sheets.

You might want to link to: A company website, to show the shirt designs available...

A social media profile to help others connect with your company...

Or an online portfolio of a particular salesperson or team.

To start, open the Sales by Team Member sheet to add links.

Open the starter project linked next to this video, and make a copy.

This example uses a scanned copy of an invoice.

This is helpful to include if a customer has placed an order but has not yet paid, so the salesperson can be sure to follow up.

Then, get a shareable URL, and copy it.

In the invoice column of your spreadsheet, paste the URL.

Then, insert an image.

You could also include: A headshot for each salesperson...

A photo of the t-shirt designs...

Or a scanned picture of a size chart.

Images are often saved as JPEG files.

Download the JPEG starter project and save it to Google Drive.

Then, insert a link to the image in Drive.

Move the image so it doesn’t overlap with any important data.

Next, insert a drawing.

You might want to show a mockup of a t-shirt design, a company logo, or an advertisement for an event.

If you don’t have a design in mind, create a drawing just to practice.

In the online sales column, link to the filter views sheet so that anyone using the spreadsheet can find information quickly without needing to create their own filters.

Nice work! Now you can include other elements in your spreadsheet to make it more professional and give collaborators a fuller picture of the data.


  1. Make a copy of the starter projects and save them to Google Drive.
  2. Insert a link to the document.
  3. Insert the image of the invoice.
  4. Insert a drawing.
  5. Insert a link to another sheet in the spreadsheet.