3. Sheets: Copy Sheets Into Your Spreadsheet — Copy from .csv and .xls File Types

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At work, in your community, or at home, you may be given a spreadsheet of data to incorporate into another spreadsheet.

You might need to compile two different data sets.

Or, you might want to create a spreadsheet from a different file type to make it easier to work with.

For example: Your manager may send you a monthly sales report that you need to add to the rest of the reports for the year...

Your classmates may send you a new stage of a project plan to incorporate into your project tracker...

Or your friends may simultaneously be working in different spreadsheets, planning specific parts of an elaborate trip.

Instead of managing several different spreadsheets in different formats, it’s convenient to have them all in one location.

In this video, you will download a spreadsheet in another file format and convert it using Google Sheets.

Then, you will combine the new sheet with your existing project.

In this example, your team members collected data on a different aspect of the fundraiser -- product costs and sales prices -- and you need to combine their spreadsheet with your t-shirt sales spreadsheet so you can share all of the data.

To begin, download the starter project next to this video.

Notice it’s a different file format than Google Sheets.

Then, navigate to the folder where you saved it, and open the spreadsheet.

In a new tab, open Google Drive.

Upload the spreadsheet.

Open the file.

Finally, download and save it.

Nice work!

The information in these sheets, such as costs and prices, isn’t found in the sales data.

There’s also not a natural place to cut and paste tables about product costs into an existing sheet.

Plus, you already have a sheet of related data, and it’s more convenient to have everything in one place.

So, copy the new sheets to your existing project.

Then, rename them...

and assign them a new color.

Or, import another file type, like a CSV, into your project.

For this lesson, you will use the Sales by Team Member and Cost, Revenue, and Profit sheets.

Now you’ve combined two spreadsheets into one.

This will make working with the data much more convenient.


  1. Download the starter project.
  2. Upload the file to Google Drive.
  3. Open and save it in Google Sheets.
  4. Copy the new sheets to your existing spreadsheet.