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8. G Suite Certification: Sheets - Part 3 Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you managed and transformed the data you had organized, edited, and analyzed in previous lessons so that you could see specific data more clearly and make business decisions about the fundraiser, such as which salesperson should lead the next fundraiser, which t-shirt design should be cut from the offerings, or how many shirts need to be sold to make a profit.

To do this you: downloaded a spreadsheet in another file format and converted it to Google Sheets, added the new spreadsheet to your existing spreadsheet, used the SUM and MULTIPLY functions to calculate cost and revenue, used absolute cell references, subtraction formulas, and more functions to calculate profit and summarize data, analyzed sales data using the MIN, MAX, and AVERAGE functions, applied conditional formatting to emphasize specific values, and inserted links, an image, and a drawing to create a broader picture of your data.

The skills you learned in this lesson are useful for other types of spreadsheet projects, as well. For instance, you might use the MIN, MAX, and AVERAGE functions to find the best flight for an upcoming vacation, links to vendor websites and images of individual contracts in a wedding planning tracker, or conditional formatting when creating a job search tracker, to show the status of your applications.

Keep creating new spreadsheets to master the skills you learned in this lesson!

And explore more G Suite Certification lessons to learn and practice with other applications!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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As a teacher, you can print a blank template.