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7. Hangouts: Manage Meetings — Use Dial Ins, Invite More Users, Use Chat, and Mute or Eject Other Users

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This video will demonstrate some of the features available in the G Suite version of Hangouts.

If you have a G Suite account, practice along with the video. If you do not have a G Suite account, keep watching to become familiar with the features for the G Suite Certification Exam.

When you use the corporate G Suite version of Hangouts, you have access to several added features.

To add someone to a meeting that is already in progress, find joining information in the Calendar invite.

Copy the joining information and send the person an email.

To quickly invite someone to the meeting, use the “Add people” option.

Invite additional guests by entering their email address.

Or, add a guest using their phone number.

To join a Hangout from a phone, use the phone number and code provided in the joining information.

After calling the phone number, wait for the prompt and then enter the access code PIN.

You will enter the meeting as an audio-only participant.

If someone tries to join who was not invited to the Calendar event, a meeting participant from your organization must accept their request.

Lastly, members of the host organization have the option to remove guests from a meeting.

If you’re the organizer of a video meeting, you can mute other people’s microphones to quiet feedback or background noise.

For privacy reasons, unmuting someone is not possible. Ask participants to unmute their own audio when they are ready to speak.

Mute dial in guests as well. Phone participants press *6 on their keypads to unmute and mute again. Now, it’s your turn: If you have a corporate account, practice: Copying and sharing joining information, Inviting guests, Removing guests, and Muting guests.


If you have a corporate account, practice:
  1. Copying and sharing joining information.
  2. Inviting guests.
  3. Removing guests.
  4. Muting guests.