6. Gmail: Use Chat and Video to Talk to Contacts — Launch Text Chats and Video Calls

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In this video, you will learn how to use Google Chat to send and receive messages in real time.

And, you’ll learn to make video calls to contacts using Google Meet.

Both Chat and Meet are available in Gmail, so they’re convenient ways to communicate with anyone — from work colleagues to friends and family.

You will: Set options for Google Chat, Launch a chat with a contact, And launch a video call with a contact using Google Meet, To begin, select the settings you’d like to use for your chat.

Open your settings in Gmail.

Then, open the Chat and Meet tab and manage your Chat settings.

Choose your options, such as allowing sounds to notify you when you receive an incoming message Set your status, including whether you’re available or away, in the dropdown menu.

To launch a new conversation, open the chat window.

Then select a contact.

If you’ve never chatted with your contact before, type their name or email address in the search box to find them.

If your contact is available, a green dot will appear next to their name.

Then, type what you would like to say to your contact in the chat window.

If you would like to use video and audio to chat with your contact, start a meeting from Gmail’s side panel.

Then send the meeting invite via email or by copying a link to the meeting and pasting the link in a chat window.

Be sure that your microphone and camera are both on.

You can use Google Meet video calls for many different purposes, such as asking a colleague a quick question or having a longer meeting with your boss.

Now, it’s your turn: Set options for Google Chat, Start a conversation with a contact, And launch a Google Meet video call.


  1. Set options for Google Chat.
  2. Start a conversation with a contact.
  3. Launch a Google Meet video call.