6. Drive: Share Files and Folders — Adjust Permissions, Share with Others, and Publish Items to the Web

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In this video, you will add files and folders that are shared with you to your Drive and share files and folders with others.

You can practice sharing files by choosing someone to share with.

Or, you can set up another Gmail account to practice sharing files with yourself.

To share a file, click the Share icon in Drive.

Type in the recipient’s email address.

Then, decide on the sharing permissions you’d prefer.

Sharing permissions allow you to control what people can do with your folders or files once they have access.

Editor means the person you share with can make changes directly in your file, Commenter allows them to make comments, but not change the file, and Viewer lets them see your file only.

Select the permission you want to use...

and share the file.

To allow others to access your file through a link, enable link sharing and select your preferred permission.

Then, copy the link and paste it into an email, document, or another file for sharing.

Files others have shared with you appear in your Shared with me folder in Drive.

To store files that were shared with you in your own folders, add shared files to your Drive.

Click the Add shortcut to Drive icon.

Now you don’t have to go to the folders where they were shared with you to access the file.

Once you’ve shared a file you own with someone else, you can also reassign ownership.

Changing ownership gives that person the ability to manage and edit the file and its permissions.

You will no longer own the file, but you will keep the editing or viewing privileges granted to your account.

To reassign ownership of a file, click the Share button.

Then reassign ownership of the file to the person of your choice.

Next, publish a file from Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides to the web to share the file publicly without granting editing access.

To copy the URL and send it to anyone you’d like to see the file, select link.

To embed the URL into a website, select embed.

When a file is embedded, anyone who opens the webpage will see the file.

They won’t have to open it in another app.

When you want to publish a spreadsheet, you can choose to publish the entire spreadsheet or individual sheets.

When you want to publish a presentation, you can choose how quickly the slideshow will advance from one slide to the next while it’s playing.


  1. Set permissions on a file and share it.
  2. Enable link sharing and copy a link to a file.
  3. Add a file shared with you to your Drive.
  4. Assign ownership of a file to someone else.
  5. Publish a file to the Web.