4. Drive: Create and Manage Folders — Move, Rename, Delete and Upload Folders

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Folders are a convenient way to organize your files in Google Drive.

Folders make finding specific files easier.

In this video, you will create and manage folders in Google Drive by moving, naming, renaming, deleting, and uploading folders.

To begin, create 4 new folders in Drive to organize the starter project files that you copied earlier in this lesson.

Name your folders: Invoices...

Presentation and Logo...

General Fundraiser Info...

and T-Shirt Sales Data.

Giving folders a short, clear name helps you easily identify their contents and organize your files logically within categories.

Then, move the files into each related folder.

Next, organize your folders by nesting them into a single folder.

This creates a hierarchy of folders and subfolders.

Start by creating a new folder to store all of your folders for this project.

This is the parent folder.

Name your new parent folder “Lakefront Community Center Fundraiser Files.”

Then move each folder you created into the parent folder.

If the contents of a folder change, or if you decide to organize your information differently, rename the folder to better reflect its contents.

Remove the “LCC Logo” file from the “Presentation & Logo” folder.

Then, rename the folder.

If you no longer need the files in a folder, or if a folder is empty, remove it.

Remove the “Invoices” folder from your Drive.

Once you’ve removed a folder, it’s stored in your trash.

The file will be kept there for thirty days.

Then, it will be permanently deleted.

If you have a folder on your computer that you’d like to add to Google Drive, you can upload the folder and its contents.

Select an existing folder on your computer, or create and name a new folder.

Then upload the folder to your Drive.


  1. Create and name a folder for each file category and add files.
  2. Create and name a parent folder and move related folders into it.
  3. Remove a folder from your Drive.
  4. Upload a folder from your computer.