7. Docs: Share and Collaborate in Your Document — Use Comment, Edit, and Suggesting Modes and View Revision History

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You may want feedback from others when creating or editing a document.

Feedback can be helpful when you have completed a document as well.

It allows others to share their thoughts about your document as a whole and to make suggestions about specific parts.

In order to get feedback from others, you must first share and give access to your document.

You can adjust the settings to give access to view, comment, or edit a document.

To begin, share your document.

Type in the email addresses of people you would like to share it with.

Select the permission you would like to use.

Edit means the person you share with can make changes directly in your document.

Comment allows them to make comments, but not change the document.

And view lets them see your document only.

If a document is shared with you, open the document and edit, comment on, or view it based on your permissions.

To edit a document that has been shared with you, select an editing mode and make your changes directly in the document.

If you have permission to edit a document, you still might want to make changes as suggestions.

This means your suggestions will be visible to anyone else with access to the document.

You can also leave comments in the margin.

When commenting, you can ask questions, discuss revisions, or provide additional information.

Comments let you start a conversation with other document editors when collaborating.

Once you’ve read a comment and addressed it, resolve the comment.

To assign a task to someone in a document, you can use a comment.

The person you assign your comment to will be responsible for resolving the comment.

To see an older version of your document, view its version history.

You may need to find information or wording from an earlier date that’s been removed from the current version of your document.

Or you might need to see who made a change to a document to know who’s responsible for a current draft.


  1. Share your document with collaborators.
  2. Adjust the editing mode of your document.
  3. Edit or make suggestions in a document.
  4. Make comments in a document.
  5. View the version history of a document.