4. Docs: Insert Images and Links — Add Images, External links, In-Doc Links and Bookmarks

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Documents with too much text can often cause readers to either lose interest or become tired from reading for too long.

Breaking up the text with images and links to other resources helps keep readers engaged or enables them to access something beyond the text in the document.

Images can be used to add visual appeal to documents or to illustrate parts of your text.

Images might show a product or give context to something visually.

You can even use images to create flyers or posters in a document.

To begin, find a place in your document to insert an image.

Think about where an image might break up the text in a way that makes sense.

Make sure the image you choose aligns with the text that it is supporting.

Then, search the web for an image that fits.

Resize the image if necessary.

Add more images if you like.

Links are a great way to provide access to online sources, references, and contact information.

Linking text in a document to an online resource allows anyone working in or viewing the document to visit those resources.

You can link to additional websites, files, or even email addresses without leaving the document.

Add links from the text in your document to outside online resources.

Make sure the links you add are for reliable sources that anyone can access easily.

Click and follow the links after you add them to make sure you’ve typed them in correctly.

Internal links and bookmarks make your document easier to read and navigate.

These links to places in your document allow readers to go directly to a specific section.

Adding a table of contents to a document automatically adds internal links to specific sections in the document.

Now, add an internal link to your document using a bookmark.

For example, if you are writing an overview of a fundraising project and you reference an inventory or contract that appears later in your document, you can link directly to that section where you mention it so that your reader doesn’t have to scroll through your document and search for it.


  1. Add images to your document.
  2. Add links to online resources outside your document.
  3. Add internal links using bookmarks.