5. Docs: Insert and Format Tables — Create and Delete Tables, Rows, and Columns, and Manage Table Properties

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Some documents contain data that has values, such as the price of certain goods for sale or the number of different sizes of an article of clothing.

When the values are directly related, a table is a useful tool for organizing the data.

You may have data for something you are selling or ordering.

Perhaps you are raising money for a cause.

Placing the data into a table makes it easier to locate specific information.

To begin, find any data or information in your document that would be better organized in a table.

Then, insert a table.

Cut and paste the data into the table.

Add additional columns and rows as necessary.

Merge cells to add a title for your table.

Format the title cell to make it stand out.

Then, format the font to call out any important information in your table.

Insert additional tables as needed.

If your document has more than one table in the same section, adjust them so they fit on the same page, if possible.

Next, modify the table properties.

Adjusting the properties will make your tables look distinct, making it easier for others to read and understand them.

Adjust the width of your columns as needed.


  1. Add a table to your document.
  2. Insert data into the table.
  3. Format the text in the table.
  4. Modify the table properties.