8. Docs: Download Your File in Different Formats

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When you share or collaborate on a document, you should make sure that everyone has access to it.

If someone you are sharing with uses a different word processing program or software, download your file in a format that the person can use.

You may also want to download a file to use it yourself in a different application or program.

Choosing the right type of file to download depends on how you or the person you are sharing with will use it.

Some file types may require the appropriate application to view these files from their devices.

.docx is a common word processing file type that can be used with many word processor programs.

.odt and .rtf are standard file types that can be opened by certain word processing and other applications.

These files are not commonly used.

Files with the .txt type are plain text files that save and display text, but they do not keep font style or formatting.

.pdf files are print-ready and can be used to reliably present and exchange across different software, hardware, and operating systems.

They are difficult to edit, however.

.html pages display your document as a web page, viewable in an internet browser.

.epub files are used for e-books and can be opened with many reader programs and devices.

To begin, download your file using a format of your choice.

Think about which format might be most useful to you or a collaborator.

Share your file with others, print it, or use it in a different application.


  1. Select a format for your document.
  2. Download your document file.