5. Docs: Format Text Blocks — Align Text, Adjust Line and Paragraph Spacing, and Use a Numbered or Bulleted List

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Formatting blocks of text is the next step in organizing your document and making it easy to navigate.

When you format text blocks, you make the organization of the text clear.

By aligning and spacing the text blocks, you also make the layout of the text easier to read.

Alignment determines how text and images line up on the page.

You can set the alignment in the main text of your document to line up with the left or right margin.

Most documents are aligned with the left margin.

You can also set your alignment to the center of the page.

Centering your title and important headings and images can help with the visual organization of the document.

This shows your reader that these headings apply to everything below, until the next centered heading.

Center the title in your document.

Continue to adjust the alignment of important headings.

If you have pages in your document with images or where you plan on adding images, you might want to print and display them later.

Center the images and text on these pages to make them appealing and easy to read.

If your document has any lists or steps for doing something, bullets and numbering are good options for organizing them.

Bullet points place dots or other symbols next to each separate item in a list.

Bullets are usually used when a list does not have a particular order.

Numbers can be used in the same way.

Numbering a list usually indicates that it’s sequential, such as a procedure in which the steps should be done in order.

Go through your document and locate any text that might need bullets.

Use the menu to add bullets to these blocks of text.

Then, do the same for text where numbering the text is more appropriate, such as for steps in a process.

Making your document readable should be one of your main goals.

You can help accomplish this by adjusting your line spacing and paragraph spacing.

Making your line spacing wider can make text more readable, but it will also increase the length of your document.

Narrower line spacing makes paragraphs more compact and can be used to help fit your document into a certain area or page.

Adjust the line spacing throughout your document to help with readability.

You can also adjust space between paragraphs.

By using the line spacing menu, you don’t have to manually add a space for each paragraph.

This is especially helpful if you have sections with multiple paragraphs.


  1. Align your text blocks.
  2. Add bullets or numbers to lists.
  3. Adjust your line and paragraph spacing.