6. Add Financing Information to Your Business Plan

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In this video, you will add “financing information” to your business plan in Google Docs.

The “financing information” section of a business plan has two sections: information about “startup expenses and capitalization” and a “financial plan."

The “startup expenses and capitalization” section estimates startup costs for your business.

The “financial plan” sets financial goals and estimates profit, loss, and cash flow for your business over time.

You began calculating information for these sections in your “startup expenses and capital” and “twelve-month profit and loss projection” spreadsheets.

It’s important to include or link to this information in your business plan so that lenders and investors can view your business forecast.

To begin, go to Google Drive and open your business plan in Google Docs.

If you completed a business plan for the “Begin Writing Your Business Plan” lesson, use that document.

If you have your own business plan in another file format, upload it to Drive.

Then open it in Google Docs...

Add a heading for “financing information ..."

A subheading for “startup expenses and capitalization …” And a subheading for your “startup expenses and capital” spreadsheet.

Select the subheading, and link it to the spreadsheet.

Then, open your spreadsheet and turn on link sharing.

Give permission to “view” so that others with the link can see your spreadsheet.

This way, they can see your spreadsheet but they can’t change it.

Copy the link from your spreadsheet.

Then return to your business plan document and paste it into the U-R-L field to finish adding your link.

Next, add a subheading for your “financial plan ..."

And another subheading for your “twelve-month profit and loss projection” spreadsheet.

Then, link to your spreadsheet, as you did with your “startup expenses and capital” spreadsheet.

Adding these sections and linking to your spreadsheets from your business plan allows readers to find your financing information and examine your estimates.

As you complete additional spreadsheet projections for your business, link to them in your business plan as well.

Now, it’s your turn: Open your business plan document, Add a “Financing Information” heading, Add “Startup Expenses and Capitalization” and “Financial Plan” subheadings, Add subheadings for your spreadsheets, And link to your spreadsheets.


  1. Open your business plan document.
  2. Add a Financing Information heading.
  3. Add Startup Expenses and Capitalization and Financial Plan subheadings.
  4. Add subheadings for your spreadsheets.
  5. Link to your spreadsheets.