3. Insert Images and Apply a Theme

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A digital form will be a more effective communications tool if it appeals to the respondents you send it to.

Depending on what type of information you are seeking and the kind of business you work for, you might want your form to look: Fun and exciting...

...Serious and authoritative...

...or simple and clean.

In this video, you will change the look and feel of your form by applying a theme, Adding images and Creating border lines.

These changes will make your survey look more appealing, so people are more likely to understand and respond to it.

One way to customize your form’s look is to change the colors.

Select a color scheme that fits the tone of your workplace and the type of survey you are conducting.

Or, add more visual interest to your form with a theme.

Google Forms offers several themes to choose from.

Select the one that best fits your survey and that will appeal to your respondents.

To see what the colors or theme will look like when respondents receive your form, preview it.

You can also add images to questions or responses.

To do this click on a question or answer, and add an image.

Search for one online, or upload an image from your own computer.

Make sure you only insert images you have permission to use.

To resize the image so it fits better in your survey, click on it.

Then, click on the corner of the image and drag to make it smaller or larger.

With your carefully crafted questions, you've now created a survey that looks appealing.

This will lead to more accurate responses and the feedback you need.

Move on to the next video to share your survey with others.

Now, it’s your turn: Change the colors of your form.

Apply a theme.

Insert an image for a question or response.

Preview your form to see how it will look to your respondents.


  1. Change the colors of your form.
  2. Apply a theme to your form.
  3. Insert an image in your form for a question or response.
  4. Preview your form to see how it will look to respondents.