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Use Suggesting Mode

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In this extension, you will use suggesting mode to edit your CV.

“Suggesting” mode allows you to make changes to your document while keeping the original text.

For example, maybe you want to try out two different ways to phrase a sentence.

With suggesting mode, you can think about whether it’s best to keep your changes or return to the original.

To begin, open your CV document.

Turn on “Suggesting” mode.

Make suggestions about any part of your CV, such as adding new information, changing existing information, or making changes to spelling, grammar and punctuation.

As you edit, make at least three suggestions for revision.

You can also leave notes or reminders about your suggestions.

To do this, add a comment underneath the suggestion.

Next, edit your CV again and review your suggestions.

Accept the ones you like.

Reject a suggestion if you change your mind or decide you want to word something differently.

Or, leave the suggestion and make a decision about it later.

Using suggesting mode instead of making direct edits gives you more time to consider your changes and decide which option is best.

You can also use suggesting mode to collaborate with others.

For example, edit someone else’s CV using suggesting mode, or ask a friend to make suggestions on your CV.

Then, decide whether to accept their changes or keep your original version.

Sharing your CV with someone else helps yousee things you might otherwise miss, and makes your CV stronger.

Now, it’s your turn: Turn on suggesting mode in your CV document, And make at least three suggestions for changes.

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