3. Add Action Words to Job Descriptions

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In the previous video, you updated your job history to include your most relevant work experience.

A strong CV uses specific language to describe work experience.

One way to improve your descriptions is to use "action words" that describe exactly what you did at each job.

In this video, you will edit the descriptions of each job to make them stronger, more specific, and more meaningful.

To do this, you will perform an internet search to find action words that showcase your skills and demonstrate that you are a unique candidate for the position.

If you are applying for a particular job, use action words from the job description to describe your previous experience.

Many companies use computer programs that scan CVs and filter out job candidates who do not include those key terms.

Using action words from the job description helps your CV reach an employer.

Even if you don't have a specific job posting in mind, action words like “achieved,” “created,” and “launched” show an employer that your accomplishments and skills made an impact in the organisation you worked for.

To find action words to use in your CV, perform an internet search.

Open a new tab in your browser and go to google.com Type in search terms like “words to use in a CV,” “strong CV words,” or “action words for CV.”

Review some of the websites linked in the search results to find a list of suggested words.

Then, look at the descriptions you wrote for each job.

Which words in the list could you use in your descriptions to fit the job you want?

Add at least three action words to your CV.

Using action words shows an employer that you are confident about your skills and experiences.

For example, you could say that you “made” a poster for a work event.

Or, you could say you designed it.

The word "design" tells an employer that you have a valuable skill that you can apply to all kinds of projects.

Action words encourage you to write concisely and to focus on your skills CVs are usually only one page long - sometimes two.

The most effective CVs use concise language that highlights your relevant skills and experiences.

Use an action word to make a description shorter and clearer.

Move on to the next video to add specific examples of your achievements to your CV.

Now, it’s your turn: Search online for a list of action words for CV, And add at least three action words to yourCV.


  1. Search online for a list of action words for CVs.
  2. Add at least three action words to your CV.