6. Activity Wrap-Up: Online Documents as Communication Tools

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In this activity, you created and named a document that you used to record your ideas for activities to do with a friend.

Then, you entered comments in that document to add more details, ask questions, and give reminders.

You may have also digitally shared your document with a classmate or friend.

You might use this kind of online documentation and collaboration for many purposes and situations.

At work, you might use a digital document to type up meeting notes and share them with a group.

Then, meeting attendees can add comments or update their own action items, right there in the document.

Multiple people can even work in the document at the same time!

At school, you might make an outline for a paper or assignment in a digital document, then share it with an instructor for approval or feedback.

You might start a document for a community group, sports team, or club so that everyone can share ideas and plan activities without having to go through a long chain of emails or texts.

Because digital documents are stored online, it’s easy to access and use them from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

You could be waiting in line at the grocery store, sitting in the public library, or using a laptop at the airport, and you and all your collaborators could work in the same document like you were sitting right next to each other.

Digital documents are much more than words on a page.

They are valuable tools for communicating, collaborating, and sharing information.

If you are using a public computer and are done working for the day: sign out of your Google account
, and close all browser tabs and windows So no one else can access your account information.

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