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In this activity, you also learned how to open your inbox and write an email that includes a recipient’s email address, a subject line, a message, and an attachment.

There are many reasons why you might choose to communicate with your friends and family over email, aside from choosing activities to do together.

You could: ask an instructor a question about an assignment, tell your supervisor that you’re taking a sick day, notify a work colleague about a new office policy, get involved in a community group planning an event, contact family members across the country about an upcoming reunion.

The speed of email makes it a very convenient way to communicate.

Plus, you can reach multiple people with just one message, and you can include attachments.

You could include an additional file -- such as a photo or a plane ticket -- inside a letter, but it would take much longer to reach the recipient.

And, of course, you can’t include attachments on a phone call!

In the next activity, you will learn more ways to use your email, such as: replying to emails, changing the format of your text, including an image, and managing your inbox.

If you are using a public computer and are done working for the day: sign out of your Google account and close all browser tabs and windows so no one else can access your account information.

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