Upload Images to Your Website’s Photo Gallery

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In this extension, you will choose pictures for your website’s photo gallery and upload them.

After you’ve created your business profile, you have the option of building a free website for your business as well.

Having a website for your business enhances your online presence, showcases your products or services, and builds a strong relationship with your customer base.

Besides information about your business like hours, location and services, one of the most effective items you can have on your website are photos.

Images bring your products and services to life and help your customers connect with your business.

When you’re choosing images, don’t be afraid to show off a little personality, too.

This can really grab your customers’ attention.

As you think about which photos to use, be sure each one is high quality and meaningful to your business.

It’s harder to connect with your customers if you choose plain imagery that doesn’t have any meaning to your specific product or service.

To begin choosing pictures for your website, go back to www.google.com/business and sign in.

Go to your website.

By now, you may have begun designing your website, like choosing a theme, Or creating posts to keep customers informed about your business.

Next, upload a few photos that you have stored on your computer to make your website stand out.

To upload means to transfer data from your computer to the internet.

Finally, upload a header photo.

This photo will have a prominent spot on your website so make sure it is eye-catching, high quality, and is a good visual representation of your business.

Keep designing your website the way you want it to look, but now it will have meaningful photos that add visual interest.

Now, it’s your turn: Think about high-quality, meaningful photos you can use on your website, And upload three gallery images and a header photo.

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Upload Images to Your Website’s Photo Gallery

Choose and upload pictures for a website’s photo gallery.

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Use the Your Business Profile on Google mobile app.

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