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In this extension, you will learn how to respond to reviews of your business and create posts to communicate with your customers.

Customer communication is important to the long-term success of any business.

Showing customers that you care about what they think by responding to a review, answering a question, or keeping them updated by sharing what’s new demonstrates your commitment to their satisfaction.

Responding to a review, whether good or bad, helps improve your local search rankings.

To see customer reviews and respond to them, go to and sign in.

Go to the Reviews tab.

After your profile has been verified and your business is appearing on Search and Maps, customers can begin to leave you reviews and you can respond to them.

Another way to communicate with customers is by creating posts to share information with them.

Posting allows you to publish your products, services, and events directly to Google Maps and Search.

To begin, choose the type of post from the options given.

Include important information for the customer to know.

Make your post stand out with photos or videos.

Preview your post.

If you’re happy with the post, go ahead and publish it.

If you want to edit it more, click the back button.

Now that you know how to post, the options for communicating with customers are endless.

Use posts to tell customers what’s new, share an offer, or advertise an event.

The important thing is to get your message out there and share information with your customers.

Now, it’s your turn: Respond to reviews after your Business Profile has been verified, And use posts to share products and offers, tell customers what’s new, and advertise events.

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Communicate with Customers

Respond to reviews and create posts.

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