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In this extension, you will add relevant attributes to your profile to make your business stand out and differentiate you from competitors.

Attributes give customers information they might want to know about your business on Google Search and Maps.

Use attributes to highlight features of your business, such as if it: Has Wi-fi or outdoor seating, Is led by a woman and/or veteran, Is LGBTQ friendly, Or has a handicapped-accessible entrance.

These details show customers how your business fits their needs or preferences.

Some attributes can even be highlighted in the form of badges on your profile.

To begin adding attributes to your profile, go to the Info tab on your dashboard.

Your business category determines which attributes are available for you to select.

For example, a restaurant can highlight if they have outdoor seating, and a hair salon can advertise that they take walk-in clients.

Select as many attributes as you would like for your profile.

These can include accessibility features, payment options, social identity details, and other information you would like customers to know about your business.

After you click Apply, the attributes you selected will be visible to customers on Google Search and Maps.

While these particular attributes are controlled by you, others, like whether your business is popular with locals, rely on the opinions of users.

Adding attributes to your Business Profile helps like-minded people discover you on Maps and Search and highlights valuable details for your potential customers as they choose a business to patronize.

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Use the Your Business Profile on Google Mobile App

Use the Your Business Profile on Google mobile app.

Add Details Your Customers Care About

Add attributes, including details your customers care about, to your Business Profile on Google.