4. Create Your Business Profile on Google Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you created a Business Profile on Google with your business’s address, category, and contact information.

Having a Business Profile helps customers find you when they are searching for your business specifically.

It also helps you show up in a search when local customers are looking for the types of products or services you offer.

To create your business profile on Google, you: Entered your business’s name, Added a physical location so your business would show up on Google Maps, Decided if you were willing to go beyond your location to serve your customers, Selected an appropriate category for your business, Added your business’s phone number and website address.

If you didn’t have a website, you clicked on the choice to build one for free, And submitted your profile for verification.

You learned that strengthening your online presence can help your business and attract new customers and that it is possible to increase the visibility of your business on Google Search and Maps.

After your business has been verified, you can log back into your profile to add new information or make changes.

From your dashboard, navigate to the Info tab.

Here, you can add basic information like your business’s hours.

If you need to edit the hours for some reason, like a holiday or an early closing, go back to the same place to change them.

On the same tab, click on the pencil to edit your address or phone number.

Think about adding other items, like a description of the products or services you provide.

This helps your business stand out to customers and improves your search results if you use relevant keywords.

After you are verified, you can also add a logo to show who you are when you reply to a review or post a photo, And a cover photo to highlight what makes your business special.

This will be the photo that is shown in Search and Maps.

Finally, you will be able to claim a unique short name, which is a custom link to your Business Profile.

This gives customers a quick way to find your business online.

All these items together will help you create your Business Profile on Google to make customers find your business online.

Congratulations on taking this big step to get your business noticed!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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