3. Choose Your Business Category and Submit Your Profile

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In this video, you will select an appropriate category for your business, enter contact details like your website and phone number, and submit your profile for verification.

After you have entered your business address, begin typing a category that best describes your business, such as Automotive Repair or Independent Bookstore.

When the dropdown menu appears after you begin typing, there will be many categories to choose from.

Categories describe your business so that customers searching for certain types of products or services can easily find you.

Be specific when you choose your category.

For example, choose “Italian Restaurant” instead of “Restaurant.”

If you choose “bakery” for your business’s primary category, it could show up in local search results for “restaurants,” “baked goods,” or “birthday cake.”

Add attributes to show what is special about your business.

For example, whether your business is women-led or veteran-led, if it is LGBTQ-friendly, or accessible to people with disabilities.

Next, carefully enter your contact details, like your business phone number.

Also include the URL, or website address, for your business.

If you don’t have a business website yet, click on the choice to build one for free.

After you’ve submitted your profile for verification, you can design your own website from your business’s dashboard.

You have now finished creating your Business Profile on Google!

To manage your business information in Search, Maps, and other Google properties, Google must first verify your Business Profile.

The verification process helps make sure your business information is accurate and that only you, the business owner or manager, has access to it.

Choose a verification method from the options that are presented to you.

Google will usually verify your business through a mailed postcard, which may take up to five days to arrive.

If your business is eligible for a verification method other than postcard, you'll see that option when you request verification.

While you’re waiting for verification, do not edit your business’s name, category, or address, or request a new code.

You will receive a unique 5-digit verification code that you will enter on your dashboard.

After you have entered your code, sign back in to google.com/business, where you can do things like update your Business Profile, add photos, and respond to reviews.

In the next video, you will review everything you have learned about creating a Business Profile.

You will also learn how to add new components like hours and make changes to existing information.

Now, it’s your turn: Choose a category for your business, Enter the contact details you want to show, such as your phone number and website URL, And submit your profile for verification.


  1. Choose a category for your business.
  2. Enter the contact details you want to show.
  3. Submit your profile for verification.