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In the main lesson, you had the option to learn how to send a direct message through Gmail chat.

You may have learned that digital skill yourself -- or you may have been taught the skill by your partner.

If you did not learn how to send a direct message, go back and complete that video now.

Then, return to this extension.

In this extension, you will learn how to turn your chat history off -- and then on again.

Sometimes, you might not want your history to be recorded for privacy, security, or other reasons.

Or, you might want to keep your history on so you can refer to something in a past conversation.

To begin, go to Google dot com.

Select Gmail.

Select the chat whose history you want to turn off.

Click on settings.

And uncheck conversation history.

When conversation history is turned off, messages will still be visible, but only for a short time.

For this reason, messages may disappear before people see them.

Conversations with no messages also may disappear.

If you want to find a message that has disappeared, do a search using a keyword from your chat or the person’s name.

To turn the conversation history back on again, go back to settings.

And recheck the box.

Great job!

Now, it’s your turn: Select a direct message conversation,, Uncheck the conversation history box in settings, Then recheck it to turn conversation history back on again.

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Choose an extension to continue learning and improving digital collaboration skills. Each extension takes 5-10 minutes to complete.