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In the main lesson, you had the option to learn how to create and share a folder in Google Drive.

You may have learned that digital skill yourself -- or you may have been taught the skill by your partner.

If you did not learn how to create and share a folder in Google Drive, go back and complete that video now.

Then, return to this extension.

In this extension, you will learn how to create subfolders.

A subfolder is a folder contained within another folder.

Subfolders make it easier to organize your files and find the materials you need without having to search in multiple places.

To begin, go to your Google Drive.

Find the folder you created in the main lesson, and open it.

Now, create a subfolder where you can store related files and materials inside your folder.

Give it a title.

Then, repeat the process for a second subfolder.

Any files you add to a subfolder can be accessed by those who have permission to use the main folder.

So, if you want some of the subfolders to remain private, give others access to only the particular subfolders you want to share.

Then, open the subfolder you want to share, and adjust the sharing permissions.

Good job!

Now, it’s your turn: Select your existing folder in Google Drive, Create and title two subfolders, And practice adjusting the sharing permissions for the main folder and its subfolders.

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Choose an extension to continue learning and improving digital collaboration skills. Each extension takes 5-10 minutes to complete.