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In the previous video, you learned a new digital collaboration skill.

In this video, you will teach that skill to your partner.

Teaching a skill to someone else helps them learn something new and reinforces your own knowledge while making you more confident in your abilities.

To start, make sure you and your partner have a camera and microphone connected to or installed in your computer.

Then, schedule a meeting with your partner.

When you want to schedule a meeting with colleagues -- especially if they work in different locations -- it is helpful to be able to see everyone’s availability.

That way, you don’t have to go back and forth suggesting different days and times until you find one that works for everybody.

Sharing calendars makes scheduling meetings much more efficient.

To begin, open Google Calendar.

The calendar with your name next to it is your personal calendar.

Open your calendar’s sharing settings.

And choose to share it with specific people.

Then, type your partner’s email address.

Decide what you would like them to see and do with your calendar.

Let them see only whether you’re free or busy and hide specific details on your calendar...

Make changes to events to modify event details...

Make changes and manage sharing to create and modify events and manage how your calendar is shared...

Or let them see the specific details on your calendar, but not make changes.

For the purposes of this lesson, do not share your calendar.

Just pick a time a few minutes from now for your meeting.

Type a title for your event.

This is how it will appear on your calendar, so use a descriptive name.

Then, invite your partner.

Type their name or email address.

Your partner will receive an email inviting them to your meeting.

When they reply, you will receive an email confirming whether they will attend or not.

To make a more professional connection during your meeting, add a Hangout to your event.

Google Hangouts is a digital communication platform that includes video calls, phone calls, and direct messaging.

When you make video calls over Google Hangouts you can connect and communicate more effectively.

Video conferencing: Makes it possible for team members to have face-to-face interactions, Allows you to see each other’s visual cues and nonverbal communication, such as eye contact and body language, And enables you to share something on your computer screen.

In your event, add conferencing.

Finally, add a notification to your event to help you remember the upcoming meeting.

This is particularly helpful for teams separated by different geographies and time zones.

Now, it’s your turn: Open your calendar sharing settings to practice sharing it, but don’t actually share your calendar, Set your partner’s access permissions, Create a new meeting, Invite your partner, Add a Hangout, And add a notification.


  1. Open your calendar sharing settings to practice sharing it, but don’t actually share your calendar.
  2. Set your partner’s access permissions.
  3. Create a new meeting.
  4. Invite your partner.
  5. Add a Hangout.
  6. Add a notification.