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5. Connect and Collaborate From Anywhere with Digital Tools Wrap-Up

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In this lesson you learned a digital collaboration skill that you can use at work or in your personal life to: Feel more connected to others, Communicate and collaborate more effectively, And increase your efficiency and productivity.

You chose the digital collaboration skill you wanted to learn, such as: Sending a direct message, Using comments in a document, Or setting up a shared folder.

Then, you created and sent a calendar invite to your partner, hosted a Hangout, and reinforced your knowledge by teaching your new skill to a partner.

Digital collaboration tools such as the ones you used in this lesson are valuable in any job or personal pursuit, particularly if you are separated from your team, friends, or family by different departments, business sites, or physical locations.

Even teams in the same locations can benefit from using these technologies because everyone can see and respond to comments, access the information from shared folders, and save having to print out multiple copies of a single document.

Use the skills you gained in this lesson to: Hold a brainstorming session to solve a problem your team is facing, Direct message a colleague the next time you have a quick question, Or just check in with colleagues over video who you don’t get to see often.

Improved digital collaboration and connection helps people: work more efficiently toward common goals, clearly convey both verbal and nonverbal information, and hear and understand many perspectives.

Great job learning new skills that will help you collaborate and stay connected to the people in your life!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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