1. Select the digital collaboration skill you would like to learn.
  2. Watch the video and complete the activity that corresponds with the digital skill you are learning.
  3. Teach your new digital skill to a partner if you choose.
  4. Move on to Video 3 to continue the lesson.

Choose an extension
Send a Direct Message Using Google Chat

Navigate to Gmail, open Google Chat, find a contact, send a message, and practice changing Chat settings.

Use Comments to Collaborate in Google Docs

Create and title a new document, type a few lines, add a comment, practice adding someone to the comment and sharing with them, edit the comment, and delete it.

Set Up a Shared Folder in Google Drive

Create and title a folder, practice adding a file, share it with a partner, adjust the sharing settings, and type a note to your partner.

Schedule a Meeting in Google Calendar

Use Google Calendar to schedule meetings and work collaboratively.