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In this video, you will send a direct message to begin communicating in Google Chat.

You can use a direct message to connect with a colleague or small group of people.

You can: Check the status of a task or project, Remind a coworker or vendor of an upcoming deadline, Ask a question, or Arrange a time to meet.

To get started, find a person you need to communicate with.

Select their name… ...and type a message about one of your current projects.

Use the message to check in or send a reminder.

Press “enter” to send the message and start your conversation.

If the person you message hasn’t logged in yet, they can see an email invitation to join your Chat.

Once they receive your message, they can type a response or choose a suggestion.

As you chat, you may want to emphasize certain points in your message.

For example, if a task is urgent, you can add text formatting to get your point across.

To bold text, add asterisks before and after the text you want bolded.

To personalize your communication, you can also add emojis to any message.

Use an emoji to add humor or clarify your tone.

You can use direct messages to communicate with a teammate, business associate, or small group of people.

Now, it’s your turn: Send an individual message, Write a group message, Add formatting to a message, and Include an emoji.


  1. Send an individual message.
  2. Write a group message.
  3. Add formatting to a message.
  4. Include an emoji.