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In the course of your business, you will probably chat with the same people frequently. For example, you and your teammates may communicate every day about continuing projects or new initiatives.

In this video, you will create a room for your ongoing conversations in Chat.

Use a room as a home base for ongoing group communications that can change over time.

To begin, create a room. Give it a name that explains why you’re creating it. For example, you might choose the name of a project or the name of your team. If you want to communicate with people outside your organization, allow them to access the room. For example, if your company partners with another business on a project or campaign, you can set up a shared room for your collaboration.

Now, add the people who should have access to the room.

If the conversation is especially important, star the room.

Rooms can have multiple threads, for different topics within the same room.

Start a new thread for a specific topic.

If you created a room for your team, you can include different threads for the different projects you’re working on.

Other users can follow the threads that apply to them, and they won’t be distracted by any topics that “don’t” apply to their area of the business.

If you want access to a room, but don’t want to see updates regularly, turn off the notifications.

You can add new people to this room at any time. All members can view the conversation history so they won't miss what was already discussed.

Use rooms to hold ongoing conversations, share your thoughts with your whole team, and organize your communication about multiple projects. Now, it’s your turn: Create a room in Chat, Give it a name, Star the room, Start a new thread, and Follow a thread that applies to you.


  1. Create a room in Chat.
  2. Give it a name.
  3. Star the room.
  4. Start a new thread.
  5. Follow a thread that applies to you.