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In this extension, you will manage your data privacy in Google Chat.

Managing your privacy can help you protect sensitive information and control who you chat with. To manage your privacy, you will: Edit messages, Hide or delete messages and conversations, and block another user.

To begin, edit a chat message. Update a message to make sure you communicate the right information to your colleagues, business partners, and contacts.

Delete a message to avoid miscommunication.

You can also hide or delete the history of any direct message conversation.

Delete any conversations that contain sensitive information you no longer need.

Deleting a conversation permanently removes your copy of that conversation's history.

It doesn't delete the conversation from other participants' history.

To protect your data privacy, you can ask others to delete sensitive information, too.

If a conversation is no longer relevant, hide it to keep your Chat view clean and up-to-date.

You can hide a direct message conversation from your Chat view, including group conversations with 2 or more people. When you hide a conversation, it disappears from your view. Other users will still see the conversation from their perspective.

If you don't want to chat with someone in Google Chat, you can block them.

You can block direct messages, but you can't block people in group messages or in rooms.

When you block someone, you prohibit communication between you and that person.

The person is also blocked in some other Google services.

Links or attachments the person sent before you blocked them are still active.

The person you blocked can see that they can't send you messages.

Neither you nor the person you blocked can edit your messages to one another.

You can delete your messages to the person you blocked, but the person you blocked can't delete their messages to you.

To continue communicating with the person, unblock them.

Now, it’s your turn: Edit a message, Hide or delete a conversation, and Block someone.

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