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In this extension, you will chat with external users.

An external user is someone outside your organization.

Messaging someone outside your organization can help you collaborate with other colleagues, teams, and organizations.

To get started, begin a new chat. Enter an email address to start communicating with a person outside your organization. When you add an external user to a message or room, they'll be invited instead of directly added.

Invited users get an email invitation and their Chat roster.

And, the "Browse room" screen shows they were invited.

These invitations protect your privacy and prevent Chat abuse.

Personal users who are invited to messages and rooms can participate in the messages and rooms they're invited to join by a G Suite user. You can use these messages to share relevant information, clarify questions with another team, and arrange meeting times.

When you chat with an external user, you control the Chat settings. External users can't add members or rename rooms.

If another person wants to create messages or rooms, they can do so from their own account.

Now, it’s your turn: Invite an external user to chat, and Begin the conversation.

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Use Chat Bots to Automate Your Work

Use machine learning virtual assistants, called bots, to automate your communication in Chat.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Chat More Accessible

Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate Google Chat’s accessibility features.

Manage Data Privacy in Chat

Manage what information you see and store in Chat. Edit and delete messages, hide conversations, and block users.

Chat with External Users

Chat with someone who belongs to a different organization.