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In this video, you will use Google Chat to collaborate on long-term projects.

You can use Chat to: Send files, Invite new people to a video call, and Reference previous conversations.

To begin, decide whether to save your conversations. You can save conversations for later using History if you want to have a searchable transcript of what you communicated. Or, to keep sensitive information private, turn history off. When History is turned on, you and your associates can see Chat messages on all your devices and in Gmail.

If you enable History, you can view the record of your conversations and refer back to it to refresh your memory on important details. To find out when a message was sent, locate the date and time stamps in the conversation.

You may want to find a message to refresh your memory about important information. To find a specific message, search for a keyword.

When History is turned off, you can see messages for only a short time. Then, the messages are not saved and will be deleted.

For quick conversations or sensitive information you may not want to save, keep the history off. Now, use Chat to collaborate with your team or other business associates. Share relevant files right from the chat window.

Select Upload to share files from your device.

Or, share files from Google Drive.

As you work together, you may want to communicate in a meeting. Start a face-to-face video call to resolve questions quickly or meet new team members. Collaborating in Chat can help you brainstorm together, ask for feedback on a presentation, or get input on important documents like budgets or project plans. Now, it’s your turn: Turn history on or off, Search chat messages, Upload and send files, and Start a video call from Chat.


  1. Arrange your chat history.
  2. Search chat messages.
  3. Upload and send files.
  4. Start a video call from Chat.