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5. Give and Receive Feedback

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In this video, you will give and receive logo and flyer feedback.

Hearing constructive feedback will ensure that your flyer’s design and messaging are appealing and effective.

If you have a partner share your flyer with them.

If you don’t have a partner, perform a self-critique.

Think from your customer’s perspective, and imagine what feedback they would give.

It’s also important to consider brand image.

In business, your brand image is how customers view your product and business.

Your company name, logo, advertisements, websites, and social media presence are all parts of your brand.

Building a brand for your business -- establishing its personality -- is an important part of your success.

From first impression to making a sale, a consistent image helps build brand loyalty and repeat business.

First, share your flyer.

Select “Share,” and type in your partner’s email address.

The sharing options let you choose what others can do with your document: “Edit” lets them make changes and add text, “Comment” means they can leave comments but can’t make any changes, and “view” means they are only allowed to look at or make a copy of the document.

Select “Edit” so your partner can edit the document directly.

Once your partner has also shared their flyer with you, open Google Drive in a new tab.

Look in your shared files for your partner’s flyer.

As you review their flyer, think about the effective messaging characteristics.

These may include an attention-getting headline, uncluttered text, an emphasis on benefits, and a call to action well as the design characteristics you have learned.

To make suggestions for your partner, turn on “Suggesting” mode.

“Suggesting” mode allows people with “edit” access to make changes to the document while keeping the original text.

Highlight the text, and add feedback about things you like and things that could be improved.

Keep your comments friendly and constructive.

When you’re finished giving feedback, review the suggestions your partner made about your flyer.

Because you shared your document in suggesting mode, you are able to see the recommended edits and choose whether to accept or reject them.

Take another look at your flyer.

When you’re happy with it, proceed to the next video, where you will learn how to download and print your flyer.

Now, it’s your turn: Share your flyer with a partner.

Review and add feedback to your partner’s flyer.

Read your partner’s feedback.

And make changes to your flyer.


  1. Share your flyer with a partner.
  2. Review and add feedback to your partner’s flyer.
  3. Read your partner’s feedback.
  4. Make changes to your flyer as necessary.