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In this video, you will design a logo for your flyer.

A logo is a design that identifies your company.

It quickly and easily communicates what you do or sell, and it sets it your company apart from others.

To start, open Google Drawings in a new tab.

Start a new project, and title it Logo.

In the Image menu, search the web for a picture that relates to your product or service.

This example is for a business that sells handmade wooden tablet and smartphone stands.

Some images are free to use, and others are trademarked and copyrighted.

Make sure the image you choose is labeled for reuse.

Select your logo image.

Or, if you like, add an image from your computer or Google Drive.

Use the Crop feature to cut out any unwanted parts of the image.

Right-click on the image to access the Crop feature.

You can also reposition, resize, and rotate the image.

Add the name of your company using the Word Art function.

It’s important to include the business name in your logo because it’s the key identity of your brand.

Click Shift-Enter to get your text on two lines.

Then, click enter again to save the reformatted text.

Change your font to one that is appropriate for your online business.

Position, resize, and rotate the text as you like.

Choose a text color.

It can be either solid or gradient.

Select the background image, and apply a border.

Adjust its color and thickness.

Add symbols and shapes to your logo using the Shape feature.

This kind of visual can be eye-catching and help reinforce your brand image.

If you want to change the order of the images in your logo, you can right-click on an image, and select Order.

With Drawings, you can also group the objects in your logo or lock in them in place relative to each other.

Click the first object.

Then, hold down the Shift key while clicking the other objects.

With all of the objects selected, right-click and choose “Group.”

When you're satisfied with your logo, download it for future use.

There are a few download options.

P-N-G is a great choice for the web because it maintains high quality but has a small file size.

Now it’s your turn.

Open a new project in Google Drawings.

Add an image and text.

Adjust size, position, and color.

Add a border, symbols, or shapes.

And download your logo as a P-N-G file.


  1. Open a new project in Google Drawings.
  2. Add an image and text.
  3. Adjust size, position, and color.
  4. Add a border, symbols, or shapes.
  5. Download your logo as a .png file.