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In the previous video, you researched your target audience based on demographics and psychographics.

You recorded the most important information about these potential customers.

In this video, you will determine what social networking sites they use.

Then, you will add this research to your slideshow and organize the presentation.

Social media platforms have a basic function: Social media platforms also have their differences.

Users can vary by age, gender, background, and interests.

So, 1 platform may be more effective than another in reaching your particular audience.

Go to and enter search terms such as social media demographics, to narrow down your target audience’s social media preferences.

As you learned in a previous video, use multiple, credible sources to find more information on the audience for each site.

Next, add a new slide to your presentation.

Title it “Social Media Research.”

Record your findings on that slide.

The goal of this research is to reveal which platform is most popular among people in your target audience.

You will use that platform to promote your business.

For example, if you find that your target audience is between the ages of twenty-seven and forty-two, you would choose the social media platform used by people in that demographic.

Now, delete the “Possible Business Names” slide.

You no longer need this brainstorming information.

Go through each of your slides to make sure the formatting is consistent and the information is easy to read.

Your presentation is complete.

You have all of your business, audience, and social media demographics in 1 place.

Because you have carefully considered these key details, this presentation will help you make effective business decisions and share important information with others.


  1. Search the internet for the social media preferences of your target audience.
  2. Add a Social Media Preferences page to your presentation, and record your findings.
  3. Add relevant data to your Target Audience slide.
  4. Delete the brainstorming slide.
  5. Finalize your presentation.