2. Name Your Business and Choose a Presentation Theme

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Now that you’ve chosen an online business, it’s time to name it.

A memorable name will help customers think of your business when shopping online.

In this video, you will brainstorm and record name ideas in your slides presentation.

You also will change the look of your presentation to reflect your business.

The example used in this activity refers to a business selling handmade wooden crafts, but your slides will be about the product or service you chose.

To start, return to your slides presentation tab.

Replace the placeholder text with your own title.

Then, add your name as the subtitle.

Add a new slide for your business name ideas, and give it a title.

Next, brainstorm a list of names.

You might start with the product or service you’re selling.

Think about the materials or process you use.

You might name the business after yourself.

Your business name could rhyme or start with a particular letter.

List as many names as you can think of.

Next, narrow your list to a few favorites.

Format the text as strikethrough, so you can still see the crossed out names.

Search the internet for companies already using the names you listed.

Open a new browser tab, and go to google.com Type 1 of your name ideas in the search bar.

If your search results show businesses with the same or similar names, cross those off your list.

Other places to consult are the U.S. Patent Office or your local trademarking authority.

Ask for feedback from your class partner by sharing your document with their email addresses.

Set the permissions to comment, so they can make suggestions, but can’t change the text.

If you don’t have a partner, ask your friends or family for opinions on your business names.

Once you’ve completed your research and received feedback, choose a business name.

Add a new slide.

Title it with your selected business name.

Then, type in a description of your business.

Pick a theme for your presentation.

A theme gives your slides a consistent look that communicates the tone and personality of your business.


  1. Create your first slides.
  2. Brainstorm, research, and get feedback on possible names for your business.
  3. Select your business name.
  4. Choose a theme for your Google Slides presentation.