3. Consider Resources and Availability

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So far, you have brainstormed a list of skills and interests you could use to create an online business.

In this video, you will identify the resources and time you have available for your business.

These might include a vehicle to make deliveries, a storage shed, a sewing machine, camera equipment, or woodworking tools.

To start, add a “Resources” section to your brainstorming document.

Then, think about the resources you have available.

Brainstorm at least 5 items that could help your business.

Format your resources as a bulleted list.

This will help keep your ideas organized and easy to access, especially as the list grows.

Next, add an “availability” section to your document.

Availability is the time you can work on your business after taking into account commitments such as work, school, family, or leisure time.

For example...

Type in your availability, and format it as a bulleted list.

The information in your online brainstorm document will help you narrow down your options for your online business.


  1. Add a section to your brainstorming document called “Resources.”
  2. Add at least five resources.
  3. Add a section to your brainstorming document called “Availability.”
  4. List when you are available to work.