Use Checkboxes to Complete Tasks in a Google Spreadsheet

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Brainstorming sessions are a fun chance to think creatively with others, but eventually you and your group will want to implement one idea so you can achieve your goal.

When you are working on a project with multiple people, it’s important to have a system in place to keep track of tasks. Checklists are a helpful way to keep track of your next steps after a brainstorming session. In this extension, you will use checkboxes to complete tasks in a Google Sheet.

You will: Insert a column in your spreadsheet for checkboxes Insert checkboxes And click inside the boxes to indicate whether a task is complete By using checkboxes after your brainstorming session, your group can: Collaborate on tasks See when things get done Track how close you are to achieving your goal Checkboxes help everyone in your group see when something has been completed and be aware of how soon you can put your brainstorming idea into action.

Instead of emailing, calling, or searching for updates, everyone in your group can reference your shared checklist to see what’s been accomplished.

To begin, open the spreadsheet called “Job Fair Brainstorm Next Steps.”

Then, make a copy and add it to your drive.

This sheet includes some examples of next steps after a brainstorming session. At this point in the process, it’s helpful to spend time deciding on your next steps, tasks, and assignments together. For now, practice with this example. Insert a new column to the right of your Status column.

Highlight the column.

Then, select Insert and Checkbox.

Next, click inside the boxes that correspond to any completed tasks. Leave the boxes unchecked for any task that is still in progress or not yet started.

Great job! Now you have an efficient way to keep track of tasks in your Brainstorm Next Steps spreadsheet. This will save your group lots of time as you continue to implement your top idea.

Checklists are a helpful tool for all sorts of tasks, from keeping track of school assignments to packing for an upcoming trip or training a new employee.

They are especially useful when you have multiple tasks and multiple people involved in a big project. Your group spent a lot of time brainstorming.

By using checkboxes, you can stay organized and collaborate more efficiently as you implement your idea! Now it’s your turn: Open your spreadsheet. Insert a new column to the right of the Status column. Highlight the new column, and insert checkboxes.

Then, click inside the boxes to indicate completed tasks.

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