Send a Calendar Invite for Your Meeting

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When you brainstorm with a group, everyone has to be available on the same date and at the same time. By adding your brainstorming session to everyone’s calendars, you’ll be more likely to have full participation. And the more people who can attend, the more ideas you’ll be able to generate! In this video, you will create a Google calendar event and learn how to email it to your group.

A calendar invitation is a great way to: Help people remember when your brainstorming session will take place Prevent scheduling conflicts See who can attend or not To begin, open Google Calendar.

Create a new event.

Give the event a title that everyone will understand.

Then, set the date and time for when you and your group members plan to meet.

Add the meeting location so your group members know exactly where to go on that date.

Next, add a short description so your group members are aware of the meeting’s purpose.

Then, add your group members’ email addresses to the calendar invite.

Once you have entered your meeting details and your group’s emails, save the calendar event.

Everyone in your group will be notified via email and can then add the event to their own personal calendar.

Review the calendar invite or make changes to your event by editing it directly within Google calendar.

Add guests, if you like.

Or, reschedule if your group needs to pick a new date or time.

Once your group members have received the calendar invitation, you’ll also be able to see who RSVPs yes or no.

A calendar invitation makes it easier for everyone to RSVP to a brainstorming session, see who can and who cannot attend, and remember when the session will take place. This helps ensure that everyone can participate and share their ideas. Now, it’s your turn: Open Google Calendar, Create a new event with a clear title, date, time, and location, Add a brief event description, Enter your group members’ email addresses, And share the calendar invite.

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