Put Your Ideas Into Action with a Google Spreadsheet

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Brainstorming is a great way to generate a lot of creative ideas, but it’s also important to plan how to put your ideas into action. In this video, you will create and share a spreadsheet with your group in Google Sheets. A spreadsheet is a helpful digital tool to organize your next steps after a brainstorming session.

Using a shared spreadsheet, you and your group members can assign tasks and create a timeline as you implement your final idea. To begin, open Google Drive.

Create a new spreadsheet.

Give your sheet a name that your group members can easily understand.

Share the spreadsheet with your group members and give them editing access. Editing access allows them to make changes or add their own information to the file.

Type the top idea your group selected into the first cell.

Bold the text and add a background color so the idea stands out at the top of your sheet.

Next, add column headers to keep track of each task, who it’s assigned to, the due date, and a space for group members to record notes on their progress or add questions for the group.

Bold the text and add a different background color so your new column headers stand out on the sheet.

Then, underneath each header, each group member can add their own tasks and due dates based on your group’s timeline.

As your group makes progress on the tasks, each member can update the spreadsheet or add notes to keep the rest of the group aware of what they are working on.

With this shared Google spreadsheet, you and your group members will be able to stay organized, track your progress, and complete all of the tasks needed to put your great ideas into action! Now, it’s your turn: Create and title a new spreadsheet, Format the spreadsheet with your top idea in the first cell, Place tasks, assignments, due dates, and progress in the columns below. And update your progress as you work on each task in the sheet.

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