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Research and Develop a Topic

Conduct research while learning about source credibility.
Time to complete

timer 3 - 5 hours

Suitable for

Middle and high school

Skills covered
  • Research strategies
  • Evaluating bias
  • Programming events
Lesson plans keyboard_arrow_right
Rubric keyboard_arrow_right
Activity 1: Explore a Topic with Research and Collaboration
  1. play_circle_filled Unit Introduction
  2. play_circle_filled Log In and Create a Document
  3. play_circle_filled Choose a Topic to Explore
  4. play_circle_filled Find Information with Advanced Search
  5. play_circle_filled Share and Work Together
  6. play_circle_filled Data Is Everywhere
  7. assessment Reflection
Activity 2: Test for Credibility
  1. play_circle_filled Don’t Get Tricked by Online Content
  2. play_circle_filled Make a False Claim
  3. play_circle_filled Share a Fake Article
  4. play_circle_filled Assess a Source for Credibility
  5. play_circle_filled Trust and Deceit on the Internet
  6. assessment Reflection
Activity 3: Code Welcome Screen
  1. play_circle_filled Code a Pop-Up Window Using Events
  2. play_circle_filled Explore the Script Editor
  3. play_circle_filled Welcome to My Document
  4. play_circle_filled Add Visual Appeal to Your Popup
  5. play_circle_filled Show an HTML Formatted Message
  6. play_circle_filled Make the Pop-Up Open Automatically
  7. play_circle_filled Wrap Up
  8. assessment Reflection