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Plan an Event — Middle and High School

Choose, plan, and organize an event.
Time to complete

timer 6 - 9 hours

Suitable for

Middle and high school

Skills covered
  • Spreadsheet organization
  • Digital collaboration
  • Digital tools
Lesson plans keyboard_arrow_right
Rubric keyboard_arrow_right
Activity 1: Select and Research an Event
  1. play_circle_filled Plan an Event: Unit Introduction
  2. play_circle_filled Select and Research an Event
  3. play_circle_filled Event Questions and Research
  4. play_circle_filled Give and Receive Feedback
  5. play_circle_filled Wrap Up Event Selection
  6. assessment Activity Reflection for Select and Research an Event
Activity 2: Plan Tasks for Your Event
  1. play_circle_filled Introduction to Spreadsheets
  2. play_circle_filled Understand Spreadsheet Vocabulary
  3. play_circle_filled Add Items to Your Spreadsheet
  4. play_circle_filled Add Columns for Task Owners
  5. play_circle_filled Complete Task List and Get Feedback
  6. play_circle_filled Wrap Up To Do List
  7. assessment Activity Reflection for Plan Tasks for you Event
Activity 3: Code an Email Message
  1. play_circle_filled Introduction to Email Script
  2. play_circle_filled Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets
  3. play_circle_filled Get the Display Value
  4. play_circle_filled Log Only If the Value is Empty
  5. play_circle_filled Fix the Bug with an Embedded "If"
  6. play_circle_filled Send the Email
  7. play_circle_filled Add a Trigger to Run the Code
  8. play_circle_filled Email Code Wrap Up
  9. assessment Activity Reflection for Code an Email Message
Activity 4: Create a Logo
  1. play_circle_filled Introduction to Logos
  2. play_circle_filled Add and Edit Images
  3. play_circle_filled Add and Format Text
  4. play_circle_filled Advanced Options in Google Drawings
  5. play_circle_filled Logo Wrap Up
  6. assessment Activity Reflection for Create a Logo
Activity 5: Build a Flyer to Advertise
  1. play_circle_filled Introduction to Flyers
  2. play_circle_filled Text and Page Setup
  3. play_circle_filled Download and Insert an Image
  4. play_circle_filled Publish and Share
  5. play_circle_filled Flyer Wrap Up
  6. assessment Activity Reflection for Build a Flyer to Advertise
Activity 6: Share Your Event Digitally
  1. play_circle_filled Introduction to Google Sites
  2. play_circle_filled Add and Resize Logo
  3. play_circle_filled Add Text, Change the Theme, and Preview your Site
  4. play_circle_filled Add a Page with a Map
  5. play_circle_filled Try Something New!
  6. play_circle_filled Publish Your Site and Get Feedback
  7. play_circle_filled Website Wrap Up
  8. assessment Activity Reflection for Share Your Event Digitally
Activity 7: Unit Wrap Up
  1. play_circle_filled Plan an Event Wrap Up
  2. assessment Plan an Event Reflection
  3. extension Plan an Event Extensions