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Share Your Resume to Get Feedback

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You’ve already learned how to create a resume from a template so you can apply for part-time jobs, schools, internships, scholarships, or other programs.

Then, you edited your resume and made formatting changes to make your resume look professional.

In this extension, you will share your resume with a partner to get feedback about how you can make your resume even better.

Find your partner.

If you’re not working in a classroom, ask a friend or parent for feedback.

“Share” your resume by adding your partner’s email address.

The sharing options allow you to choose what others can do with your document.

View lets them read it but not make any changes or comments Comment enables them to insert comments, but not change the text And edit lets them change the text.

Give your partner permission to comment.

Add a note for your partner.

They will receive an email invitation to collaborate on the document.

Once your partner has shared their resume with you, open it from your shared files in Google Drive.

As you read, add comments about how your partner can improve their resume.

Highlight text in the document.

Then, insert a comment.

Remember to look for Spelling and grammar errors Concise language And strong action verbs and effective descriptions If anything else stands out or you have a question about some of the information, leave a comment.

When you have finished reviewing your partner’s resume, read the comments your partner left for you.

If your partner has not finished reading your resume, that’s okay.

You can work in the document at the same time.

Perhaps your partner suggested additional formatting changes to help your resume look more professional.

Make sure any colors in your resume are professional, subtle, and used sparingly.

Continue making changes and resolve comments.

Make formatting changes, if necessary, so that the text fits on one page and is well-spaced.

When you are done making changes, read through your resume again.

Nice work!

You’ve gotten feedback from a partner to create a polished resume.

Now, it’s your turn: Share your resume with your partner.

Proofread your partner’s resume, and make suggestions.

Read the feedback your partner gave you, and make changes.

And proofread your resume again.

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